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  • Well, there are so many options when it comes to the nail art and one of them is regular polishing. Yet, you also have tons of choices here including the use of marbled nail polish that may appear complex. Did you know that the marbled nail polish’s technique is among the simplest nail art designs to implement? Yea, that right—you could simply add nail polish to water and then, take a bit time stirring the colors in order to bring marbled swirls to surface. Through this kind of method, you will get something amazing through your nail. The marbled water wrapped around dip real or artificial nails create what we would love to call as fashionable nail art for everybody with any different style of fashion within. It does not matter how many colors of the nail polish you do want to use, you could go with almost anything in order to create a subtle design or a psychedelic fashion statement. Read original article...

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